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◆ Founder & President ◆

Charles Hayes is the Founder and President of Advanced Treatment Technologies, Inc.  In this role, he designs water treatment processes for all areas of agriculture, including poultry, dairy, swine, and horticulture.

A core belief of his is that high quality water is the most important step one can take toward the goal of improving animal and plant health/production.

Mr. Hayes is a qualified Biochemist and holds his degrees from Southern Nazarene University.

Being no stranger to agriculture, Charlie grew up in a farming environment.  He spent 10 years as a Poultry Production Manager.   During this time he invested 10 years researching the positive impact of high quality water on animal health, which has since expanded into similar research on plant health.

Since 1998, Charlie has dedicated himself to developing the most effective water treatment processes in animal and plant agriculture. While targeting to improve health, Mr. Hayes has thereby gained access to levels of performance not available through any other means.

Today, Mr. Hayes helps animal and plant producers identify areas of potential improvement in water treatment.  These areas can in turn help increase productivity while reducing total cost.

Charlie’s business, Advanced Treatment Technologies Inc., offers a wide range of products and services: from evaluating existing processes, designing a step-by-step improvement process, and implementing those improvements.

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